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Candor provides comprehensive security services within the film and television industry. Our qualified and experienced film location security operatives will take a proactive approach to securing your set and protecting both property and personnel.

Candor operatives will communicate closely with on-site production teams, location managers, and film crews, our operatives will ensure all your equipment and facilities are completely secure, allowing cast and crew to work safely and uninterrupted.


Candor can provide the following:

  • Traffic management (diverting traffic, monitoring vehicle access, and maintaining emergency vehicle access in accordance with legislation).

  • Crowd management and keeping the public at bay.

  • Site patrol and perimeter security.

  • Secure the film set and equipment/vehicles during and after production.

  • Counter surveillance and anti-paparazzi measures.

  • Securing VIP areas and trailers.


 A critical component of TV and movie set security is ensuring your talent can shoot uninterrupted. Whether you’re in the studio or on location our staff are specially trained in perimeter management. We will work with you to create effective no-go zones while working with the local community to minimize disruption. We'll work with you to ensure your production is protected from curious members of the public and more serious threats.

Candor provides full location support. Our team will be ahead of you on-site to guarantee your production has full access to your filming location and will ensure there is space for your production's vehicles and equipment.

Wherever you are filming and whatever your requirements, we will partner with you to ensure all your security needs are met. We pride ourselves on our proven track record of safety and the smooth running of the productions.


Contact Candor specialists for your security needs 

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